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Background of author Christine E. Sherretz is an Assistant Professor of Literacy at the University of Louisville. University of Louisville is a public university in Louisville, Kentucky. There is not much information about the author found from the searching of internet. Summary of article In this study, the author, Sherretz employ a qualitative case study by using the methods of observations, interviews, and analyzing classroom artifacts to answer her research questions. It is an explanatory case study investigating the teaching practices of mindful teachers. Sherretz (2011, p.79) initiates the intention of her study by drawing the argument “public schools promote mindless standardization that stifles creativity, curiosity, and enthusiasm…show more content…
In order to ensure the potential candidates fulfill the criteria of ‘Mindfulness’, Sherretz employ an “empirical check” by using Langer Mindfulness Scale to measure the ‘Mindful’ phenomena present in the potential participants. Based on the scores obtained, three elementary teachers from Eastside Intermediate School were identified as ‘Mindful’ and recruited as participants for her study. They have seven to sixteen years of teaching experience and suitable for informing research. She drew on inferences from the participants that ‘Mindful’ teacher posits the practice of ‘Mindful’…show more content…
The researcher has demonstrated her integrity in conducting the research. In this case study, Sherretz seeks explanatory evidence by combining empirical and theoretical approaches. Empirical approach is demonstrated when Sherretz utilize Langer Mindfulness Scale to measure the existence of ‘Mindfulness’ value on her potential participants. Whereas theoretical approaches for instance, observations, interviews and content analysis were used for data collection. Sherretz intends to explain the phenomenon understudy by gathering information and evidence from different perspectives. As indicates by Yin (2013, p.119) “a strength of the case study is having the opportunity to use different sources of evidence”. At this point, it is important for researcher to remind themselves to stay objective under subjective circumstances in doing in-depth inquiries; they should also be reflective and flexible in gathering information from different sources to retain the rigor of the

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