Effects Of Cybercrime

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Question 5 Cybercrime affects different social groups and sectors (e.g. women, people living in rural areas, children, people with disabilities, the elderly, the poor) in different ways. Critically discuss this statement by giving examples and citing specific reference material. GRACE N MUTUNG’U MA/PGD 2014 CYBERSECURITY FINAL ASSIGNMENT 16 DEC 2014 Word Count: 1737 Social aspects of Cybercrime The question of social effects of cybersecurity rests on a broad definition of cybercrime that includes all crimes committed through the Internet or computer systems. Under this broad stroke cybercrime may refer to traditional crimes such as bank fraud committed through use of computer systems or new crimes such as denial of service attacks facilitated…show more content…
Indeed, proposals for amendment of Kenya’s cyber laws have been scrutinised with a keen human rights eye to ensure that rights are safeguarded. Considering that crimes must be defined before anyone can be punished for committing them, human right practitioners are always wary of the personal rights ceded while enacting cybercrime. One of these rights is privacy. From a general perspective though, proposals for enactment of laws show focus towards protecting vulnerable groups, giving credence to the notion that cybercrimes affect these groups differently. This paper considers the broad definition of cybercrime in discussing its implications in social aspects of cybersecurity. It draws examples from development of legal instruments with Kenya as a case study to show how even if at the beginning the law is neutral, later developments treat different groups are treated differently. It concludes by noting that social development occurs before legal development and therefore we are more likely to see more efforts to address challenges of vulnerable groups, going forward.…show more content…
your original work presented in your own words, with reference to relevant authors and case studies, where applicable. However, your response, by relying almost exclusively on these references without YOUR analysis and assessment of same essentially amounts to plagiarism, and was the reason you were asked to rewrite and resubmit the assignment. Plagiarism, even unintentional as it appears to be in your case, is unacceptable by academic standards, so it is of the utmost important that you pay more attention to this when writing the final assignment paper this

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