Leadership Role In Education

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Every child is born in a holy state like an empty paper. Instinctively, a child will expect and need guidance from an adult. This is where children's education plays an important role, to start filling and coloring the blank paper. As an adult, the child may be-and should- be able to make decisions and determine his own way of life, but the initial sketches made on the blank paper will greatly affect the choice of life that will be taken. And because leadership is the art of influencing the people who are led, the leader's role automatically rests on the shoulders of parents in educating their children. Parents are leaders for their children, but what kind of leaders? As a reflection, it is better to compare it with the five leadership levels…show more content…
At this level, a child will obey his parents because he has felt positive things even the results that can be seen visible, the fruit of education by his parents. Children already feel the achievement of educational goals, that is the change of their lives to a better direction. Children are also able to solve problems and make their own decisions in achieving their life goals. At this level, parents have been able to be good role models for their children and are clearly able to demonstrate their contribution to the family. A productive parent model produces productive…show more content…
The phrase may be true and relevant to our child's education. If our children are not able to roar, it may not be because they are weak, but because we are not able to provide education as strong as a lion. Parents have a big role in building the future of children, especially in the golden age. Let us briefly reflect our leadership level in educating children, for a moment, to then we clean up and improve. In order for our children to remember us as the best parents, full of dedication and exemplary, not just people who 'happen' to be parents. Every parent is a leader, every child is a mandate, educating a child is a duty. The leader, the mandate and the obligation will be held

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