Japanese Occupation In Indonesian History

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1 .When the Japanese surrendered in 1945, the East Indies nationalists took the opportunity to throw off the colonial yoke of the Dutch and proclaim the independent state of Indonesia which the Japanese had promised them. Neither Communism nor Islam much appealed to the nationalists, who were led by Sukarno and Muhammad Hatta. Both had collaborated with the Japanese and helped to organize a Japanese-backed Indonesian army. Equipped with Japanese weapons, the nationalists went against the Dutch, who had powerful economic reasons for recovering the East Indies and believed that most Indonesians wanted them to return. Dutch forces made substantial headway in Java and Sumatra, but there was criticized in the United Nations, and the United States…show more content…
2. The Japanese occupation occurred in Indonesian history. It shattered the myth of Dutch superiority, as Batavia gave up its empire without a fight. There was little struggles as Japanese forces fanned out through the islands to occupy ex Dutch power centers. The Sixteenth Army on Java also confirmed the island's leading role in Indonesian national life after 1945. Java was far more developed politically and militarily than the other islands. In administration, business, and cultural life, the Dutch language was removed in favor of Malay and Japanese. Committees were organized to standardize Bahasa Indonesia and make it the national language. Modern Indonesian literature received further impetus under Japanese ruling. Traditional Indonesian themes were added in entertainment industry like drama, films, and art, and hated symbols of Dutch imperial control were discarded. Although the message of Japanese leadership of Asia was propagated, they did not attempt, as they did in their Korean colony, to coercively promote Japanese culture on a large scale. What was needed was a dose of Japanese-style seishin The most important legacy of the occupation, however, was the

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