The Importance Of Autonomy In Education

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Ever since Dearden’s appearance some 30 years ago, many educational institutions in England, has raised autonomy to a status of primary concern. It has also been incorporated in the new Statement of Aims in the school curriculum primarily in England and Wales. According to the new approach of autonomy, it is advisable not to load the child with a burden of information but to create a favorable environment where the child will take spontaneous interest in learning with integrity and autonomy and become responsible citizens, contributing to the growth of the country (Arlow, 2013). The teacher’s expertise will consist of creating a pedagogical content which will encourage the student into active participation to achieve educational objectives…show more content…
Peters highlighted the in educational institution open should be concerned with the personal autonomy which would recognize the potentials of an individual. In this regard it is worth raising the issue of the source of control that will determine one’d activities about what to do and what not to. According to Berlin (1969:121-2) one is guided by one’s own self-positive factors by which one influences and controls oneself. While Peters in 1973 has rejected the role of an institution in order to develop a positive desirable state of mind. and the commonly adopted system of education does not have a logical foundation(Walker 1984).On the basis of Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Theory of learning ,Jerome Bruner have, in the recent times formulated a new theory of learning commonly known as the Cognitive Constructivism. Constructivism has ushered in a new era. According to this theory all knowledge of an individual is self-constructed. The theory is based on the following…show more content…
But the fact that ‘autonomy in education ‘should support active engagement of the leaner in the learning process which will foster curiosity. This will in turn enable the development of life-long learning skills while according to me ‘individual autonomy’ will limit itself to personalized learning system and experience and build on learner’s prior knowledge and understanding. It will develop a sense of independence and also a sense of becoming responsible for their own mistakes and

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