The Causes Of Superstition

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According to Stuart Vyse – a psychology professor of Connecticut College, an American survey figures out that a half of the population are superstitious, 13% Americans feel uncomfortable on the 13th floor at a hotel, 9% will move to another floor if possible. This fact proves that from ancient times, superstition exists in everywhere in the world, in different groups of people, even in the animal. The definition of “superstition” Superstition is a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or an irrational attitude of mind towards the supernatural, nature, God…. Take some common belief for example. Human consider Friday 13th as an unlucky day. That a black cat crossing your path is an ominous. This superstition…show more content…
Human always want everything under control, especially when they are in trouble. Superstition is used to reduce the fear, worry and make them feel better and more confident. Therefore, people who are often anxious, depressed or feel self-destructive, are more likely to be superstitious. For example, a boy suffers from a serious, even incurable disease; his mother will have the tendency to become superstitious. She considers magic and genie as the hope for her son’s problem. Secondly, human‘s superstition is sometimes due to the effect of other people. Each religion has their own practices and notions. Since human were still children, adults have always spread these ingrained belief to them. That is how superstition exists from generation to generation. Moreover, if an individual lives in a superstitious family, he also tends to have these false beliefs. Last but not least, under-education is the main reason for superstition. Some people, especially in remote areas, are short of knowledge about science and technology. They base on superstitious notions to explain for phenomena around them. These undereducated people are also gullible ones who become the major targets of…show more content…
However, the first action people have to take is to improve the intellectual level of human. The authority should warn the citizens to alert to swindlers and protect themselves from being cheated. Once the education is advanced, superstition will soon disappear. Moreover, the government may pass the law against superstition. They have to take drastic measures, ban scammers from spreading superstitious thoughts. The people who go against the law will be severely punished. Besides, scientific information ought to be popularized, especially among ethnic minorities in the remote

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