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4 Birth Order and Factors Affecting Personality and Behavior In which birth order you fall in i.e oldest child, youngest child, middle child, or only child? When, he or she tends to adapt the personality according to his/her birth order. Even after getting birth from same parents siblings who might share both nature and nurture, to some extent are so different and each birth order position has its own unique set of personality traits. For instance the firstborn child are expect to be hard working more responsibility , self centered and often they follow the rules and set the examples for younger children. They are usually good at pleasing adults and behaving in socially appropriate ways, often they follow the rules and set the examples…show more content…
The real truth is probably that birth order can play a role in impacting on child’s personality but it is not only a factor that add to the personality development in child. There are other factors that influences the people’s personality. For example ; twins, adoption, blended families , natural characteristics and so on. According to leman “Twins usually take on first and second born personality traits combination as their own personality (Leman, 2009). that's is because these twins are born together and posses same character .in addition Some children are born with natural characteristics that birth order won't apply. For example some first born child act more mature than their older sibling. Because they believe it’s disrespectful to let older people work. So , they take more responsible Therefore sometimes roles get change between youngest and oldest siblings. Furthermore blended families also influences our personality .According to the leman ,”blended families don't blend; they collide “ leman (2009). It applies in the environment of divorce marriage and the joining of step children. Firstborn children who used to be the leader may find themselves rudely thrown off from the top by an older stepsibling, and the youngest of the family suddenly may have to deal with all the attention. Most important and obvious that children have a parental figure to influence and learn from that leaves the lasting impression in the personality traits of

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