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Oftentimes women dream have a long and a thick hair, but most of them refer to chemical products searching for immediate results which is not the appropriate solution for a healthy hair.In fact, it will be the reason of a serious hair problem I do not want to scare you from this kind of products but it important to know this information. so if you want to reach having a long healthy hair you must take into account these helpful tips. 1) Healthy nourishment Certainly, Hair growth depends on what you eat, therefore your food must contain proteins, sulfate (chicken, cheese…) mineral elements such as zinc, magnesium (bananas, oyster…) iron (mussel, grains…) and vitamin A/ B/ C which you can find it mostly in all your meals. 2) Avoid using…show more content…
8) Don’t wash your hair too often You must take into account that washing your hair too Much is a very harmful habit that you should completely avoid by trying to wash your hair twice a week if your hair is an oily one and if you have a dry hair wash it one time every 5 days. However, consider using lukewarm water instead of hot water to protect your hair from dryness. 9) Avoid excessive using of chemical hair treatment The first thing that came to our head is this question “what are the product that make hair grow faster so the answer will be a thousand of products that you can find in the market who claim to grow hair overnight, which is not logical so be careful when it comes to deal with hair or skin product because you may spend a lot of money on nothing try to.Do some researches on hair growth and what kind of product you should avoid and what are the appropriate ones for your hair

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