Child Abuse Awareness

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Scientists are discovering that early experiences can have profound long-term effects on the biological systems that govern responses to stress. If these systems lack the environment required for normal development, they may fail to function as evolution designed them. Effects on the maturing brain can be subtle as well as obvious. Disturbances at a critical time early in life may exert a disproportionate influence, creating the conditions for childhood and adult depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress symptoms. People who suffer childhood maltreatment are more vulnerable to post-traumatic stress symptoms after further traumatic childhood or adult experiences because their bodies and brains have "learned" that they cannot count on protection…show more content…
Recognition and awareness, although essential elements for effective prevention, are only part of the solution. Politics say that prevention efforts and policies must directly address children, their caregivers and the environments in which they live in order to prevent potential abuse from occurring and to deal effectively with cases of abuse and neglect that have taken place. The concerted and coordinated efforts of a whole range of sectors are required here, and public health researchers and practitioners can play a key role by leading and facilitating the…show more content…
The role of law enforcement in child abuse cases is to investigate to determine if a violation of criminal law occurred, identify and apprehend the offender, and file appropriate criminal charges. The response of law enforcement to child abuse needs to be consistent. The intent of this guide is to provide officers who respond to this type of crime with information that will ensure this consistency. ECONOMICS The discipline of Economics sees maltreatment, neglect and child abuse as also having important long-term implications, as maltreated children are more likely to be unemployed, in poverty, and using Medicaid in adulthood and are more likely to commit crimes. Meanwhile, child abuse imposes a number of direct and indirect costs on society—costs of hospitalization and ongoing physical and mental health care for victims, expenses for law enforcement and child welfare agencies, increased pressure on the criminal justice system, and lost productivity.

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