Essay On Body Image

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Introduction: Women all over the world want to be accepted by society. The need to be what society sees as the ‘ideal’ body that a woman should have. This is constantly depicted by models who are usually a size zero or size double zero which are featured in magazines or social media sites such as Tumblr or Pinterest. It is instilled into many that this is what everyone should try to be, to achieve this ‘ideal’ body image. Since media is influencing the society on how being ones ideal body should be like and such, there be a possibility that the perception and how one depicts these images portrayed play a part in it as well. Personal experiences and perspective: There was a point of time in my life that I myself was obsessed with this false image of the ‘ideal’ body. According to the real world, I was neither skinny nor fat. I was just slightly over-weighted. To those around me, I was the fat girl. I was being teased…show more content…
How it affects their body image and self esteem which could result in the rise of eating disorders. It does not only affect one physically but mentally as well. The field that my research would be based on is from the media aspect. Over the years, media has grown to be a rather influential tool. It is used to influence and shape public opinion as well as setting standard for societal norms. It is linked back to interpretivist paradigm as those adverts and images that are being put out are just there for people to view. However how one interprets it is the main concern. As these images are being posted out, it creates a trend, a pattern that captures people attention. Always seeing the same ‘type’ of models makes them wonder is this what society accepts as beautiful? If it is, then I have to do something about myself. “The media presents beauty with an unrealistic standard that distorts what true beauty is.” Literature
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