Negative Essay On Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence refers to emotional, sexual, physical and verbal abuse against an intimate partner, child or other family members. A large number of children in the world are affected by domestic violence, research highlighted that the fact of domestic violence increased the risk for a range of problems, including physically attacked, sexually assaulted and mental and emotional abuse. As Alica, H.C, Psy.D says in PARENTS "Domestic violence is a family affair and is impossible to hide when it occurs, even if children are sleeping otherwise not present" some parents think that they can hide abuse from their children, but children can feel it by hearing violence and they can notice the distance between their parents. As Tamekia Reece…show more content…
There is mounting evidence that domestic violence has long-terms negative health consequences for survivors, even after the abuse has ended. As Cindy W.Christian says in PARENTS "[People have] a very strong mind-body connection, so far many children, the stress of living with domestic violence is expressed in physical ways." sign of depression and stress are symptoms of children who are physically abused, a greater degree of stress and a lack of awareness in family environment leads the risk for children's health. Domestic violence can result in serious injury or death as well as in chronic health problems. “In children and adolescents, a number of studies have associated physical health outcomes with high level of domestic violence”.(De Bellis 2001 ; Kartz & Gottman 1997 ; Levendosky et al 2002 ; Mechanic & Hansel 19989) says in Journal of family studies. “Childhood experiences in high-conflict families have also been linked to shower physical growth and greater health care utilization” (Montgomery, Barrley & Wilkinson 1997) quoted in Journal of family studies. Luecken and Fabricious (2003) reported in Impact of
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