Argumentative Essay On Oprah

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Oprah has been in the spotlight for over 30 years as a television personality and entrepreneur. She possesses the ability to empathize with and listen to people as they tell her their stories. This skill made her television show a phenomena, and it could serve her well as candidate for President. Oprah has clearly favored the Democratic party in the past. Her political financial contributions have exclusively gone to Democratic Party committees and candidates. And liberals in the media have shown enthusiasm for her candidacy, while conservatives have not. She seems to have broadly liberal opinions about social issues. But, while she speaks about liberal causes articulately and emotionally, she usually avoids specifics. Maybe she is trying to not alienate any of her fanbase or hurt her brand. Donald Trump was rightly criticized as a media figure unqualified to be president because he didn’t understand the issues he was talking about. If Oprah runs, she needs to avoid the criticism that she is a liberal…show more content…
One would assume that she supports the uplift of the lower and middle class based on this reason alone. She was the daughter of a teenage mother and grew up in rural poverty. But, Oprah has been a prime example of the advantages of capitalism. She has since lifted herself out of poverty, and amassed great wealth through television and the her personality. But, she also points to the wealth within the country as a reason for promoting economic safety nets. In a speech to Harvard graduates in 2013 she said, “people from both parties, and no party, believe that indigent mothers and families should have access to healthy food and a roof over their heads and a strong public education, because here in the richest nation on Earth, we can afford a basic level of security and opportunity” (1). She clearly supports the use of the vast wealth within the United States as a means to support middle class and poor families, in line with the Democratic

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