Characteristics Of Team Communication In Diverse Society

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1. Teams 1.1. Characteristics of teams The origin of the word team is traceable to the Indo-European word deuk, which means “to pull”. The essence of the word team means “to pull together”. The modern sense of the team emerged in the sixteenth century, meaning a group of people pulling and acting together. From these origins a team is defined as “any group of people who need each other to accomplish a result” (Senge, Kleiner, Roberts, Ross, & Smith, 1994, p. 354) When the interests and expectations of the individuals in a small group come into alignment so that there is a consensus on purpose, task, and how to get things done, a feeling and experience of synergy develop that go beyond the efforts of the individual members, or even the group…show more content…
Team communication in diverse society Diversity describes the reality of a national and world communication made up of people from cultures with languages and social customs very different. When a team consists of members form diverse backgrounds, that diversity influences team’s discussion. (Witherspoon & Wohlert, 1996, pp. 374-399) . The term diversity must be understand as difference, in order to capitalize on the contributions of all members of our social, political, organizational, and group environments. This concept implies a conception of different perspectives on given issues based on different life experiences. Diversity does not necessarily make life easier for international teams. It is easier when the cultural value, common experiences, and basic assumption are shared with those with whom team players interact. A common culture makes the process of interaction more predictable, defining the ground rules for our behavior and communication. (Neher, 1997). When people with very different life experiences and sets of assumptions are put together in a team and are asked to work together toward a common goal, difficulties often arise. In response to these difficulties, organizations have had to institute diversity training programs for their employees. Although deeper cultural values and beliefs may not change, changes in behaviors can effectively be made, indeed must be made, in order to work together and to maintain a civil society. (Neher,…show more content…
Leadership, whether expressed by an individual or engaged in collectively by the members of a group, is about developing dreams, visions, goals, and objectives that help focus a group`s energy to engage in its tasks and accomplish its mission. Leadership is often associated with the symbols, speeches, and insights presented at critical turning points in the thinking of a team. That make their goals and objectives real and achievable, but the essence of leadership itself is the conception and articulation of the group`s vision. (Harris & Sherblom, 1999, p.

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