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Updike A&P Questions and Answers 1). A). The setting in a real store A&P. He describes the scene in the store and lists where all the foods are on the isles. He goes into great detail to list every single moment of action, what the characters are doing, how they are walking, their facial expressions, and their demeanor. He goes to great length in capturing even the smallest details. B). His description of the scene makes the story believable. It actually places you in the scene. Updike uses phrases like two vanilla scoops to describe Queenies breasts, and a soft-looking can with two crescents to describe the plump girl’s bottom. 2). A). He draws in Sammy has being a very observant person that tries to get along with everyone. He is a watchful guy, who…show more content…
A). His point of view is that he is nervous and not merely mad or insane as others think him to be. B). The point of view will show how and perhaps why, the character develops into a mad man, so to speak. 2). He admits to having a disease that sharpened his senses. Then he goes on to say he heard all things in heaven and earth, and in hell. Then he says that he is healthily calm, which is in conflict of how he described himself earlier. 3). The old man is the story is supposedly his father whom he claimed to have killed. B). He says his father (the old man) had an evil blue vulture eye that made his blood run cold. 4). He thought he heard his father’s heart beating, and he thought the officers heard it as well, but was just going along with it. He felt they knew what he did. It was his imagination that tripped him up. 5). They didn’t hear the beating heart that the murder heard. 6). To the murderer it represented disappointment or failure, or perhaps he felt like a prey in his father’s insight, ready to be devoured by life. 7). A). He actually hears his own heartbeat. B). It would set the reader out to be a sane person, with a real motive to kill his

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