Waitrose Pest Analysis

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A report published by John Lewis Partnership Reports, (2010) states that Waitrose places itself in the high end market with a variety of modern and good quality supplies. In the UK, Waitrose is a high end chain store as well as the food distribution of the John Lewis business. By June 2010, Waitrose had 228 stores through the UK and is known to be one of the largest grocery retailer in the UK. Switzerland is home to many German, French and Italian speaking citizens as there is a diversity of different cultures in the Swiss nation. There is also a high demand for high valued products and facilities in the Swiss market, this report will analyse how Waitrose can enter the Swiss market through the expansion procedure. Question 1: Economical Economic…show more content…
This fragment of the report will observe the value of Management Information System (MIS) for upholding and managing a worldwide business, the structure of MIS will be identified as well as the sources of information and its effectiveness in accomplishing the best in the global business. The following are the characteristics of an MIS system; Management information systems are specifically built for different management levels, they are designed to serve to the information needs of the decision makers present at the top to lower management levels. MIS meets the different needs through a range of systems such as analysis, modeling, query and decision support systems. With useful assistance of an MIS the marketing, financing, production and personnel management becomes more adequate. There is also an E-MIS available which will be a more suitable option for a global business purpose as it will help in collecting data which will be of more knowledge value and can be used for leveraging certain advantages for improving key result areas of a business and will aid the top management in managing the business, see

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