A Day That Changed My Life

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“Beep, beep, beep!” I awoke quickly frantically out of a deep four-hour sleep. My mind kept playing over and over like a tape that would never end last night. This was a day unlike any other. A day that I was both in anticipation for and dreaded all at the same time. A day that would change my life and also for these three beautiful people that were my everything. This day I had waited for seemed like an eternity, but realistically was about one year. I slammed my alarm off that was next to the bed and crawled out of bed. I knew I had to do this, but didn’t know how to get the energy. It was going to be an emotionally draining day just like the air being left out of a balloon. I went into the closet to pick out my clothes. This day necessitated…show more content…
Then the days really turned dark when I had expressed the desire to go back to school. He fought it every step of the way, but finally gave in when he knew I wasn’t going to let it die. I had decided to become a dental hygienist. I did all the research, pulled all the grades I needed to give me the best possible opportunity to be accepted. And it happened, I was accepted into the dental hygiene program. I was one of the slim eighteen they could accept. I could see the seething anger in his eyes behind the phony smile he portrayed. Every time the subject came up with someone, you could see his lips curl, almost in disgust. He continued to tear me down and beating me down mentally and emotionally as he had done for the last several years, but progressively worsened. His agenda was to get to me think I couldn’t do it and fail or give up. Although I was blind to the mission he was on. I had gotten used to the abuse, gotten to the point where I thought I deserved it. However, somehow I gained more strength to prove him wrong. Prove to him that I was going to do this and better our family. That was my thought, to better myself for our family. However, he took it as a sign of something completely
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