A Day That Changed My Life Essay

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June 6, 2011, the day that changed my family’s life forever. I was asleep on a pull out mattress at 4:25 a.m. at my grandma's house. I had been in a deep sleep, dreaming. A jolt of energy burst through me. My grandma and brother, Ryan, were quietly yelling, and shaking me from my shoulders. Crazily trying to wake me up from my sleep coma. I finally woke up. I jumped up anxiously, trying to focus on what they had been trying to say to me and why they tried to wake me up the way they did. I then found out that my baby sister finally came into the world, out of my mom’s belly, after the nine long anticipating months. After spending around five minutes with our five o’clock brain, we figured out her name, Khloe. A true gift from God, she’s finally here; my mom and her, both happy and healthy. After figuring out her name, we all had to go back to bed and wait until late morning to go visit them and meet our new sister for the first time. Hours and hours I lay there trying to go back to sleep, but that was a fail. I had been way too excited and nervous to fall asleep.…show more content…
Our lives in so many ways and it just started with her being here, going through that never-ending morning, or even which felt like the longest car ride in the history of car rides. The feeling of being and having a new sister, like no other feeling, I felt completely different, more responsible, mature, and like I had more to give in the world. For me, the saying to live life changed drastically, and I never want to go back to a day when she was not in my life, the meaning of life to me means to actually live and have fun, take less for granted, and enjoy the little things because time does fly by like crazy. Our crazy family grew from seven to eight that day and evened out the ratio from four girls to four boys. Khloe changed our lives forever, and it was for the

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