The Keyboard Changed My Life

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I used to think that I was not musically inclined. Even though I had taken multiple music classes, I still couldn't make a harmonious sound. One Friday night changed my perspective; I was actually wrong. Four years ago, during a youth night at church, my friends and I had to choose an instrument to play. The choices ranged from the keyboard, guitar, drums, to bass. Little did I know that my choice to play the keyboard would lead to great successes not only in music, but also in social interactions that would contribute to my leadership skills. After being mentored by one of the keyboard leaders, Dr. Martha, I began to comprehend more advanced music theories than I had in the past. For instance, she taught me how to play just by hearing a note, a foreign concept to me at the time. Unfortunately, I struggled to put those theories into practice for several reasons. One, I had limited access to a keyboard. Two, because she had to take care of her daughter, Dr. Martha no longer had time to guide my knowledge of the keyboard further. However, my progress accelerated three years ago, when my aunt gifted me a keyboard. So I decided to take control of learning. The fact that I wasn't able to progress in music as quickly as I wanted to forced me to utilize as many available resources as possible. I studied music theories, watched countless piano tutorials online, and read…show more content…
In a service, there are typically two keyboard players: the lead keyboardist and the filler. The job of the filler is to support the main keyboard in the background. I gladly accepted his offer, thinking that my arduous practice would finally succeed. After being a filler for a year and a half, I had gained insights into leadership and music from watching how the lead keyboardists directed the music team and how their distinct playing styles affected the ambience of the
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