My Grandfather That Changed My Life

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“You will not get anywhere in life, if you keep following the steps you have taken until now" Words from my grandfather that changed my life forever. My family has always worked very hard looking for ways to improving their business. Fresh new ideas in a stale and dusty Uyuni. When I was growing up I considered my family as very influential people and I aspired to be just like them. When my brother, Chrisito, had seizures out of the blue and we discovered he had an incurable genetic disorder, we had to rush to the United States so that he can get get treated. This was the journey where I learned who I really was. After hundreds of tests the doctors were thrilled when they discovered I was a perfect match for the transplant. We learned so much so fast about this process and how my brother would have a better success rate if i was the perfect match. Unfortunately,…show more content…
Then I felt flattened, uncertain of my future. Could all of this happen to me next? It was in those two years when I filled myself with more knowledge and also with a much higher understanding of life. Because my younger brother, Chrisito, was going through some rough moments, I wanted to become more mature so that I could be more helpful to my family as a son and as a brother. When I started school in Massachusetts, there was a language barrier that made it much harder for me to learn the subjects, but that did not stop me, because I knew that back in Boston there was a young eight year old boy that looked up to me, and I would go and visit this wonderful person every Saturday, suffering in Children's Hospital with serious complications from a bone marrow transplant. It was in the middle of the week, i thin Wednesday, three months later when I received a phone call from my parents,
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