How Basketball Changed My Life

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What is this risk of changing? Change happens on a daily basis and can either have positive or negative outcomes. While many people have negative experiences, I had a positive experience. Sitting back and looking at the decision I made, I am glad to say it has had a positive effect on my life. This decision I made includes a big transition from playing intercity soccer and completely switching to house league basketball. As well as completely changing sports, I did however manage to a job out of it. It was in 2009 when I first inquired my mother about playing on an actual team. Every day in the summer, my brother, my sister and I would invite our neighbors over who were relatively our age and we would play soccer until the sun…show more content…
for short is where I spent my summers after quitting soccer. On the first day of practise, I walked in with my head held high and socialized with everyone there. It was a terrific first practise and game that I will never forget about. After practicing all summer, it was time for winter basketball at a league called Brookwood. The smell of cleaning products drifted through the air as I passed the janitor on my way into the gym. I laced up my brand new basketball shoes and nervously walked up to where a group of girls were standing. This was my first time playing for this league and I wanted to show them what I was capable of doing. At the end of the practise, I was startled by a lady whom I had recognized from W.I.O.B.L. She informed me that they were having tryouts for their intercity team and that I should certainly go. Since I had just changed sports, I felt a little uncertain about trying out but I went anyways for the experience. When I walked in, I saw that clearly all the other girls knew each other from the past years and that I was the only one trying out. My mother had told me prior to this practise that it may not be a wise move to go straight to intercity and I had a sinking feeling that she was right. Also, when you go through a change its best if you take your time. So, since I already had friends in the other league, I chose to remain in it. I enjoyed my season there and shortly after came a new season…show more content…
website, I came across an ad that asked for anyone above the age of fourteen to work as a scorekeeper. As soon as I saw this ad, I ran to ask my mother if I could do it which she then responded yes to. To be a scorekeeper, you must attend a one class info session in order to know all the rules. I attended the class and was ready to go have some fun or so I thought it would be. My first game to say the least was a disaster. From the beginning of the game to the end, I was a nervous wreck. My palms were clammy and my heart was pounding as if I were on a roller coaster. The sound of the buzzer startled me and during halftime, I forgot to start the clock. Despite this change of pace, I was determined to overcome it just like when I wanted to change sports. For the last half of the game, I picked myself up and kept my eyes focused on the game while occasionally glancing at the clock. After the game, with a twenty dollar bill in my hand, I marched up the stairs into my house and slouched down on the couch thinking about how much change I had

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