How Photography Changed My Life

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Photographs were never anything I had seriously taken into consideration. As far as I was ever concerned, photographs were simply memories for my parents to look back on and reminisce. Pictures taken were always about the firsts, the first day of school, first haircut, first dance, first play date, first tooth, and a million other life events happening for the first time. I'm sixteen years old now, and my thoughts on photographs have changed a little bit. Photos aren't taken just to be taken, we take pictures for a reason, to freeze moments in time, to remind us of times, people, places and things that are important to us. We take photographs because we have too many beautiful memories to try and remember in our minds. Photo #1, I could…show more content…
It was my first real excursion without the company of my family, I left home with ten pounds of luggage, three of my closest friends, a stomach full of nervousness and excitement and got on a plane. I had been on dozens of planes before, but something about this plane was different, as I stepped into that airport, passport in hand, I was leaving a piece of me at home, but I was also gaining a new piece. I could go into extreme detail of every beautiful aspect of the background of this photo, but it would take too long, so I'll talk about me. I had never felt a feeling like the one I felt in this photo, with the wind blowing my bangs against my ears, the foggy sky mysteriously silhouetting the black rocks, the massive waves crashing against the scraggly beach. In this photo, I remember feeling special, like I was chosen to be standing there at that time to look at that view. I felt independent, like no one could stop me from seeing everything there is to see in this world, and for the first time, I felt old. I had always been pretty independent, but I remember feeling mature, like I had grown up a little and made an experience of my own. This photo reminds me of my first real independent moment, but it also reminds me that it certainly won't be my

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