Cause Of Violence In Schools

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Abstract Are public schools as responsible as they should be towards students and their violence motives? The following research paper manages the variables behind the marvelous educational instability that has taken after the episode of the violence wave. It attributes such struggles to a number of social, psychological and culture factors. In the first place, the paper shows that the wide instructive holes which have long been normal for public schools since Mubarak’s era, and how it contributed to the failure by all means in our academic culture. Furthermore, the researcher has reconnoitered several motives that have compressed the purposes and reasons behind youth violence, what it led to, and how could it affect the country as a whole.…show more content…
For the past twenty years we have been witnessing huge social gaps that effects our youth. The circulation of social standards in schools leads to bullying and all types of harassments and that have happened due to the huge differentiation that occurs in our schools. Teachers might favor a student than another due to their academic performance but sometimes the favor another because their parent is a policeman or a well-known wealthy type of character. We witness such gaps due to the lack of conscience; teachers often find themselves in need of more money because school is not enough to keep up with the everyday life resulting with the well-known “private classes”. The teachers use that to achieve their demands, and once they hit foot in the class they highlight the faces of their private class student, and neglect the others. Unethical decisions arise in this situations leaving the students clueless of such negligence, and sometimes results in violence between students due to the discrimination they face. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that 1 out of 4 school students was in at least one physical fight due to discrimination in the past year. Despite mentioning the race some students face huge social gaps between the peers due to their religious beliefs. Dark-skinned students suffer from vulgar language, being called name such as “chocolate, overcooked, and all disreputable types of communication. CDC also states that due to the huge social gaps in society and social discrimination, 7% of high school students did not go to school in the past month for safety concerns. Teachers surely have an impact on their student specifically their behavior. The ex-principal of a public school stated that students in such an early age are affected by everything around them. For the past decade students have suffered from brutal

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