Persuasive Essay On Gun Violence

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Kenneth Onyebinama Instructor Norwood English 1510 19-Feb-18 A killer named Gun The rate at which people own guns all over the world has been increasing over the years because of rampant insecurity. Although people think it’s a good idea to own a gun, they seem to forget that a gun does more harm than good to the society. Gun violence is alarming in the United States, and the repercussions are increasingly visible. Atleast 50,000 are injured and 11,000 people killed in assaults involving guns annually. Among people between the age of 15 and 24, nine of every 100,000 die due to gun violence. Due to the flawed gun control laws within America, the ability to come into possession of a gun has become exceedingly unchallenging. So many debates have been focused on gun regulation and keeping deadly weapons out of the hands of potential killers. Unfortunately, far less attention has been dedicated to the cause of gun violence and its impact on victims. The consequences of gun violence are more hideous and affect entire communities, families, and children. There’s the issue of mental illness being a cause gun violence. Anyone who’s is willing to pick up a gun and kill hundreds of innocent people is sure insane. Most shooters have a mental illness that could have been treated prior to anyone…show more content…
Xanax and other anti- psychotic, or mood-altering prescription drugs are the most influencing factor of violence. A drug addict might decide he needs more drugs and has no money to get them, the he decides to rob someone or a place. He is likely to use it, but he hopes it doesn’t come to that, he expects to just go in get the money and drugs he needs and leave. But it doesn’t go as planned. Under the influence of a drug and in the process of wanting more he ends up shooting someone. This is how substance abuse sways your mind into doing something you might not do when you are thinking

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