Essay About Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Living as one of the outcasts in a dominantly white area where the majority of white people hate you, can be hard to live with. The two stories “ To Kill A Mockingbird and “True Diary”, have a harsh setting that characters have to face. Arthur Spirit, commonly known as “Junior”, and Tom Robinson face these problems. They do seem to go through different circumstances, yet both characters different treatments from their own race. Finally, they both undergo numerous types of safety every day. Citizens in both settings of the stories have a turbulent time dealing with other races.Yet, some face problems with the way they were born or the struggle with past injuries. The story To Kill A Mockingbird is known for its controversy, racism to be particular.…show more content…
These characters face many terrible experiences, with these experiences lead to having conditions that could be hard to overcome.It’s expected for a community that have such an insignificant amount to work as one to be able to give each other a stable environment. Though we expect these qualities from them, both communities in these stories seem to be different when being around each other. Looking at the black community in “To Kill A Mockingbird.” The black people seem to help each other out when needed. One chapter 12, Calpurnia takes both Scout and Jem to a black church. Coming to the end of Reverend Sykes message, he gives a request to the people in the church, saying “ Alec, shut the doors. Nobody here leaves till we have 10 dollars.”Sykes shows his sympathy to Robinson’s family. With saying this, everybody in that church got the money Sykes asked for. Furthermore, the black community was also supportive for Robinson while he was on trial. In chapter 16, the supporting black community enters the court and sat at the balcony room. Although there are white people who are also in the room, they chose to support Robinson as they feel it’s the right thing
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