Cultural Violence In Canada

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Violence is a worldwide issue and many cultures face tremendous problems because of the effects it can cause. Violence is a term used to explain a type of harm done onto someone or a group of people and can be in many forms such as sexual, emotional, physical, etc. When looking at violence in a cultural perspective and narrowing in on Canada it is known that the Aboriginals face a great deal of violence, both in the past as well as today. Treatment of Aboriginal peoples in Canada has never been completely fair in their eyes, and as we are unfolding some of their stories we are beginning to see in our eyes how they have been treated and the problems that are arising from it all. One of the most concerning issues in Canada is the violence against…show more content…
Violence can take many forms, but the main forms of violence that are seen in the Aboriginal communities that are putting women and children at serious risks are; sexual violence (from both Aboriginal men and even white men off the reserves), family violence (stemming from addictions), and domestic violence. A large event that came out of colonization in Canada was the residential schooling situation. Residential schools were an attempt by the Europeans to isolate the Aboriginal children living in Canada from their homes, family and culture and to assimilate them into the dominant culture. (Hanson, Harper, 2009) This lasted many years, approximately from the late 1800’s to the late 1900’s, but the effects of it on the Aboriginals lasted much longer. The effects of the residential schools during the colonization period in Canada were one of the leading factors to violence in the many generations of Aboriginals later on. The schools were seen as a cultural genocide that overall disrupted the roles, values, and traditions of the Aboriginal family. (National Aboriginal Women’s Association, 2007) The impacts of the schools caused a lot of issues in the family and lead to substance abuse to cope with the pain and scarring it did to them and their children. Substance abuse has been an issue on the reserves for many years and now it…show more content…
As Pauline Comeau (1995) explains, during colonization in Canada the Indian Bands were persuaded to give up their nomadic lifestyles and move to small pieces of land. Shortly after this the Indian Act was created to identify those in Canada who were Indians. She defined it as “a person who, persistent to this Act, is registered as an Indian or is entitled to be registered as an Indian.” The land that was chosen for the reserves was not prime area to live and work and would lead to many issues in the future. By secluding the Indians in Canada like this onto small pieces of land it was the beginning of the issues that would lead to violence later on in their lives. The seclusion onto small pieces of land is linked to the poor living conditions on the reserves in Canada today, and has affected the development of the reserves. Many reserves lack resources and opportunities for the Aboriginal women to find work and make a living due to the locations and lack of funding they receive from the government. This causes many women to have to leave the reserves and often turn to sex work, making them to more likely to face sexual violence. The NWAC Factsheet (n.d), states that this issue has forced many Aboriginal women into situations that increased their vulnerability to violence – such as hitchhiking,

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