Role Of Violence In Afghanistan Essay

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Afghanistan is one of those countries that need more education than other countries because this country has the first position of violence in the world and education is the only way to prevent violence. Today, we are witness that our people are suffering from domestic violence, poverty, drug addicts, street harassment and explosion. If you see the headline of Afghanistan’s news, you will read about killing, sexual assault, kidnapping and so on. Education is the only medicine to prevent violence in Afghanistan. Some people argue that education does not play a significant role in reducing violence because people in Afghanistan are getting educated but still they are the reasons of the existence of violence. I believe that all kinds of education can help us to reduce various types of violence including illiteracy, poverty and insecurity. Opponents may argue that education cannot play an important role to reduce Violence in Afghanistan because today, many of…show more content…
By learning education you can improve your economy and when you are in a high level of economic, violence will decrease as well. So we can say that economy and education has a direct relation to each other. For instance, Afghanistan is the poorest country in the world that people of this country may die because of hunger. As the economy of Afghan government is poor, they do not have any funds and budget to build companies and factories for unemployed people. So, when many people are unemployed it brings violence in family because today many families cannot send their children to the school and university because of poverty, or some families force their small children to work hard for money, and also we had some other cause which a family sold their small baby for 10000 AF all these are a kind of violence. So, to increase the economy of Afghanistan and to reduce violence it is necessary for Afghan people to get

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