Resolution Essay: Making My New Year's Resolutions

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It’s a new year and everyone is making their new year’s resolutions to change themselves just a little. “New year, new me,” everyone’s heard the saying. But why only keep a resolution for the year? Not only that but why can’t we do it in the middle of the year? Well, that’s why it’s called new year’s resolution. Although, I believe you should be able to change whenever you want and however long you want, I still like to make a few changes to myself on new year’s day because why not? It’s the perfect time to make one too because no one will be surprised at your change since they all agreed to make one too. So, when the clock strikes twelve on the morning of January 1st, we make a resolution to make improvement on ourselves and our relationships with our friends, family, and the outside world. Here are my new year’s resolutions. This year I would like to buy new clothes. Although I say, “physical appearance doesn’t matter,” a lot, the way that a person dresses can tell you a lot about the person. Their style can tell you their personality. For example, if someone wears all black, you can tell they’re taste in music immediately(hard rock, soft rock, heavy metal, or emo alternative), and when someone wears a headband neatly on…show more content…
Some of them may seem pretty small; to you at least. To me, something as simple as changing the way I dress is a big thing. It makes me feel better of the way I express myself and more confident about how my first impression comes off to other people. So I recommend other people make resolutions for positive improvement even if it may seem small. You also shouldn’t care if everyone else would be okay with it. Just do what you want to do. Change yourself, don’t let anyone change you, and don’t let yourself change others. So it doesn’t matter how little of a change your new year’s resolution may be or if others don’t like it, as long as you like it, feel good about yourself, spread positivity, and look out for your

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