School Shootings

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Many people have speculated that the cause behind school shootings is mainly violent video games no one ever thinks about other causes. The real problem may be much more than that. There are many ingredients that goes into the cocktail of violence that is so prevalent in our society when tragedy hits and horrific happenings occur we look for a quick answer and a quick fix. It would seem at first glance that the violence that children see in video games repeatedly would have a lasting effect. But studies have shown that video games may play a positive role in children's development. Children learn hand and eye coordination also how to use reasoning abilities in game strategies. It is true that more boys than girls play video games. But new…show more content…
"I do not understand that if I ...pull out a gun and shoot you, there's a good chance you're not getting back up," Ramsey said in a 2007 interview from Spring Creek Correctional Center in Seward, Alaska. "You shoot a guy in 'Doom' and he gets back up. You have to shoot the things in 'Doom' eight or nine times before it dies." As games get more violent and more realistic so does their power to blur the line between fantasy and reality and alienated gamers. In some cases, murderers appear to have been reenacting specific video game episodes when they killed in real life So let's look at some other causes that could play a role in aggressive behavior. As we know school bullying has taken on a much more sinister role. Years ago bullying consisted of kids calling each other names and may be fistfights at the end of the school day. Nowadays children can bully without ever having to confront the child face to face. Bullying can take place on Facebook, twitter, or all the other social media outlets. You can vote if you think a person is cute or popular. Children can be bullied and harassed 24 hours a day without parents being aware. Parents have also used video games as babysitters instead of interaction with their children. It's much more convenient nowadays to sit your child in front of the computer and let them occupy themselves with the games. Most parents are not aware of the violence or the nuances involved in the games. Children may find solace in immersion of the games to avoid family situations or other social

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