Importance Of Picture Frames

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Picture frames often stay at the exact same place for very long periods of time. They are often just left there, untouched – usually gathering dust. The photos inside are often never replaced by newer, more vibrant pictures. Year after year, it’s all just the same. Even through special occasions such as New Year’s, Christmas or Halloween. Your picture frames do not have to serve one purpose only. They are versatile as they can be the most heart-warming of gifts and eye-catching of decors. Picture frames can actually be your Christmas wreaths and they can even replace those boring Hallow-een decors. All it takes is a little creativity. Here are some picture frame do-it-yourself ideas for special occasions. For Valentine’s Day…show more content…
Are you and your sig-nificant other travellers? Cut out hearts out of the maps of the places you have been to together. Frame this and you’ve got something that you and your partner will reminisce on and make others in-trigued. Or you could keep it simple with a heart-shape collage of all your irreplaceable memories. Vivarti Recommends: Our Thin Matt White Picture Frame keeps everything simple but still manages to make all your photographs and trinkets stand out. If you want to make it even more special, we suggest placing your beautiful pictures on our Hanging Photo Frame Rose Design. It is a gorgeous wooden frame with a heart aperture, perfect for

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