Media In Society: The Positive Effects Of Social Media

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Communication has changed an unfathomable amount since the 1950s, causing a substantial amount of people born during that time to see the way today’s society communicates as inadequate to the way it was before. Older generations often oppose social media, which is the main form of communication in today's world. This may come from a place of unfamiliarity since these people grew up with face to face communication being the only way to meet people. Though communication has changed dramatically, this should not be seen as detrimental, the positive effects of social media on society should be embraced by everybody. There is a multitude of useful resources that are only feasible by using such sites. Since the creation of social networks in the early 2000s, people are able to find friends and be closer to far more people than they ever could have without these networks. Social media has improved a copious amount of people’s…show more content…
Seemingly low-cost advertising is available on various heavily used sites such as Facebook, or Instagram. The advertisements that businesses buy on these sites are seen by the millions of users each day they are up. Since this type of advertising has been available, small businesses have been able to grow at a way faster rate compared to the past. Even something as little as setting up a page for a business is enough to increase the chances of being seen by more people. An argument towards this might be that advertising through community interaction creates for a better consumer to business relationship, as done in earlier days. While advertising this way may guide some to using local business, reaching a larger audience on a global scale creates even more opportunities for both the business owner and the consumer. With businesses getting a ton more regular customers, and consumers having a larger range of places to purchase good or

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