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Nineteen Minutes Reaction Paper Synopsis Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult (2008) is about a seventeen year old boy, Peter Houghton, who suffers from verbal, emotional, and physical abuse throughout his life. Peter did not have a support system or someone that he could turn to when needed. Peter also struggles with his identity, his sexuality, and purpose in life. Eventually, Peter is pushed to his limits physically, emotionally, and mentally which leads to him committing a school shooting which ended with the death of ten people. Bullying The main issue within Nineteen Minutes is the lifelong amount of bullying that Peter Houghton is exposed to. Ever since Peter was in kindergarten, he was exposed to bullying. The first event that happened was when he was on the bus going to school. Kids on the bus took his lunchbox and threw it out the window. The bullying kept happening while in middle school and only worsened as he enter high school. When you entered high school his brother also joined in on the bullying. His brother did not…show more content…
The National Association of School Nurses (2013) reported that on a daily or weekly basis, twenty-three percent of their students were being bullied and right percent reported being cyberbullied. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] (2015) bullying is defined as “a form of youth violence and can result in physical injury, social and emotional distress, and even death”. Nurse look at the overall health and wellbeing of their patients and community. Natvig, Albrektsen, and Qvarnstrom (2003) stated that the concept of health defined by the World Health Organization “contains the aspects of social and mental well-being and not just the absence of disease.” Bullying can affect both the physical and mental well being, as seen in the life of Peter

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