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Have you felt like your day has been so hectic, and the last thing on your mind is what’s for dinner? I have felt this way on too many times. Find myself running late for the day and I had forgotten to take something out for dinner. My family is not keen on dining out. Well watching one of my programs one evening a commercial came on the television. The commercial was advertising a Power Cooker. What caught my attention is what they lady had said, “Forget to take something out for dinner?” Do you not have enough time to make an extravagant meal? Takeout food again? I proceeded to sit back down and continue watching the commercial. The Power Cooker a larger version of a crock pot, more appealing to the eye, and most of all cooks…show more content…
I just get something out from the freezer and set my temp and pressure and pop it in and in an hour viola I have dinner! The power cooker can cook just about anything from soups to roast, or maybe you just want some hot wings for the football game on Sunday. The price of the power cooker is fair for the product you are receiving. I paid a little over a hundred dollars for the pressure cooker. You have the option to pay the one time price or three payments in a three month period. From my point of view I think the power cooker was worth every dollar I paid. The quality of the cooker is great and it’s big enough to cook a roast with potatoes, carrots, celery, and onions. When comparing the power cooker to the crock pot, the power cooker is more convenient with a more options. Power cooker has option to can/steam your vegetables. Power Cooker has a timer so the food turns off after your timer is done, it then goes to warm mode. The crock pot does not have either of these options. The power cooker also is easy to clean and looks great on your counter top. Also the Power Cooker can cook your food in as little as a hour, even frozen food. The cost I do find o the pricey side, but once you try the power cooker you will find it is well worth the money you

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