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FORMAL OUTLINE Title: Do You Lift? Topic: Benefits of Weight Training Specific Purpose: To inform about the benefits of weight training Thesis: Weight training has a lot of beneficial aspects to a person. INTRODUCTION Attention Material: The benefits of weight training is beyond just simple health benefits. Weight training can help you in the long run with future possible problems or developing problems. Credibility Material: I want to share with you the interesting facts of what I’ve learned through the hard research that I did. Preview: Weight training benefits you physically, mentally, and help you gain certain principles. (TRANSITION: Let’s start with the physical benefits of weight training.) BODY I. Weighting training has many physical…show more content…
Building muscle also contributes to better balance, which can help maintain independence as you age (Mayo Clinic Staff). (TRANSITION: Weight training not only has physical benefits, but mental benefits, too.) II. Weight training can also help psychologically. A. Weighting training or physical activity increases the production of endorphins. 1. Regular exercise can increase self-confidence and lower symptoms associated with mild depression and anxiety (Mayo Clinic Staff). 2. It can ease your stress levels. B. Weight or strength training can help with possible mental illnesses. 1. Weight training helps preserve memory and thinking skills. 2. A research team complied a group of elders into two groups, one being a balance and tone group and the other a strength-training group; “after 6 months, compared to those in the balance/tone classes, the strength-training group was found to have experienced “significant” cognitive improvement” (Mozes). (TRANSITION: There’s more than just physical and mental benefits to weight training.) III. Principles become ingrained in you through the disciplines of weight training. A. You gain determination and motivation as you continue to weight train. (TRANSITION: To conclude everything, let’s review the main points.)

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