Zoning Out Technique Case Study

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Problem-solving by restoring mind with the “zoning out technique” If there’s something about problem-solving is that most of the time, you will have to come out of your comfort zone. This means that sometime, you will have to do things you are not comfortable with, or that you’ve never done before. Let’s explain; when a problem involving more than one person arises, tensions normally climb high and unless one of the parties in the conflict admits that she/he is wrong, moving on is often impossible. That’s why our first technique here, consists of zoning out in order to restore everybody’s spirit (or mind), and, hopefully, move on. So, how does this technique work? As said earlier, we will use 3 symbols in order to simplify our technique, where “X” will…show more content…
We will use examples to help you see how it can be used in that case. Case 1: Imagine Kathy an army veteran, who had an “F” last semester. This has resulted in her being on academic probation. She clearly needs to improve herself, otherwise, she will lose all of her financial benefits. So, how can she overcome her problem by using the “zoning out technique” here? - As said earlier in our previous example, phase 1 which is represented by the letter X of our equation= Defining the problem. Here, Kathy must admit that she is not concentrating enough on her studies. - Phase 2, Y= Finding a solution using the zoning out technique where she: • Must sacrifice a good portion of her leisure time/ of her resting time to better study, where instead of thinking about the leisure and resting time she should be getting, she will be thinking about the time she can be effectively allocating to her studying. So, if she was only studying 2 hours a day, she will have to see herself mentally stealing/moving 2 hours away from her leisure time, and 2 more hours out of her resting time to studying. She can now cover more work and learn/retain more content this

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