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What other issues can arise if a child has writing readiness (pre-writing) skill problems If a child is having issues with developing writing readiness skills, they might also be facing difficulties with: • Self-esteem: When they compare the quality of their work with that of their peers. • Behavior: They may refuse or avoid participating in pencil and fine motor tasks. • Academic Performance: They find these tasks difficult and this makes them slower at completing the tasks, resulting in slower acquisition of skills such as learning to write or drawing a person. • Self-care: They might have problems with being able to independently take care of themselves in everyday activities such as cleaning teeth, dressing, brushing hair, eating). • Avoidance:…show more content…
• Make sure the child does not lag behind their peers in developing handwriting or drawing skills. What is the result of leaving writing readiness difficulties untreated? A child experiencing difficulties with writing readiness may also have problems with the following: • Have a hard time meeting preschool or school-based academic requirements because of inadequate pencil skills and rapid fatigue. • They may also find it challenging to master number and letter formation. • Difficulty in writing their name or drawing objects appropriate for their age, i.e., pre-school. • The child experiences high levels of anxiety and pressure for a school-aged child because they find it hard to keep up with the class. • The child develops a low self-esteem when they compare their abilities with their peers. • They are unable to complete tests or worksheets within the allocated time because they find it hard to answer the questions. • Have difficulties manipulating construction objects such as Lego and mobilo. What is the recommended therapy for writing readiness (pre-writing)

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