Emirates Engineering Case Study

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INTRODUCTION Emirates Engineering is one of the world’s highest technologically progressing aircraft maintenance facilities administrating maintenance and support services to the extensive fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft which is operated by the Emirates Group along with the thirty plus airliners. Approved by the GCAA CAR V, Emirates Engineering supervises and implements all facets of Engineering, Maintenance, Planning, Quality and Logistics. The intransigent earnestness along with the commitment to exceptional and quality levels of safety has supported Emirates Engineering to create its outstanding reputation for aircraft maintenance. The Emirates Engineering Center consists of 8 hangars which includes the new paint hangar as well and…show more content…
 Engineering Technical Services – contributes to the technical support services ensuring that the Emirates fleet operates at the best level of safety, cost effectiveness, passenger comfort and reliability.  Engineering Planning & IT Systems – administers the fleet’s maintenance conformity and the relationship between commercial flying and maintenance programs along with providing information systems solutions to every Engineering departments.  Engineering Facilities – manages facilities such as hangars, material stores, workshops, offices and also a training college assuring all are great quality work environments. ENGINEERING SUPPORT Engineering support is highly professional in assessing, procuring and contracting aircraft commodities which include power plants, fleet, spares and equipment. Engineering Support is subdivided into the following departments:  Engineering Materials Management – responsible for establishing policies, procedures, processes and systems which includes procurement planning, forecasting and stock reviews in order to elate the operating…show more content…
 Engineering Training – Emirates’ Engineering School grants a broad range of technical training and two apprentice training programs for specific school leavers. QUALITY ASSURANCE (QA) Quality Assurance safeguards Emirates Engineering’s great standards and ensure that it adheres to all regulatory requirements by using a quality audit system. QA department aims at monitoring the potency of the activities and company procedures of the engineering department. The department also supports individuals and sections by contributing systems, procedures and assistance relating to regulatory, quality and technical matters. Quality Assurance Engineering The continuing airworthiness (CA) section initiates procedures and processes to secure Emirates fleet’s airworthiness. UAE GCAA, EASA and FAA have approved Emirates Engineering to launch airworthiness maintenance. The department’s scrutiny plans encompass inspections of aircraft cabin standards, material and part suppliers, line stations, fuelling facilities, repair agents, aircraft portable water facilities and IAW IATA Fuel Quality Pool along with analysis of third party technical handling

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