Gmo Food Disadvantages

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Good 1 Growth Fast Several source state that one of the advantage of Genetically Modified Food is takes less time to grow, due to the fact that the genes has been modified, therefore, it will takes less time to grow, this is able to increase the productivity of the genetically modified foods and less time are taking and the same amount of land had been use to produce more foods. Source state that one of the disadvantages of using traditional farming method is time consuming. It takes long time to grow and lower the productivity of the crops, less food resource is available to the world. Growth Genetically Modified foods help the farmer to save time. Therefore, they are able to grow more food and owns more income out of it, this also state that Genetically Modified foods brings higher…show more content…
Even the genetically modified food does has more disadvantage, but this is still had a lots of benefit to the environment and to the economic. There is not enough evident of harmful impact of genetically modified food to environment and ecosystem. There is a lot of disadvantage of traditional farming method ,such as time consuming ,traditional farming methods takes too long for the crops to grow, and the long hour of work per day to make the farmer to had less time for other things. Traditional farming methods had been use excess amount of fertiliser, which is harmful to human’s health and the plant itself. Excess amount of fertiliser will pollute the soil, because soil pollution, when the farmer sprays the fertiliser, it is harmful to the farmer’s health as well. Traditional farming method over use the nutrition of the soil causes the land to be less valuable. Many problems had occurred during the years, such as monoculture, overgrazing, cattle damage the farm and so on. And traditional farming cost more because the farmer needs more money to buy
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