Negative Stereotypes Of Planet Fitness

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With a population near 12,000, Finneytown is a township on the North side of Cincinnati. With a school system that is average at best. The kids that live there either belong to Finneytown local schools or go to the nearest private school. Most of the traffic that occurs is due to people passing by or people trying to access the nearby highway. This would change when Planet Fitness began their ten dollars a month fitness fee. Initially starting off with people from many parts of northern Cincinnati. Eventually the amount of people from different parts began to diminish as the number of Planet Fitness around Cincinnati grew. Now the Planet Fitness in Finneytown is made of members mostly wearing a combination of red and light blue representing the colors of Finneytown Highschool. In Finneytown there are mainly three groups of people that go to Planet Fitness. These people are those that show up for cardio, the socializing, and the people that are serious about their fitness. The first group of people are the cardio people or the “Cardio Bunnies”. With the mindset that walking, running, pedaling or climbing is the best way to get and stay in…show more content…
Though they make up minor percentage, these members are not hard to spot and talk more than they exercise. These are the members that fall into the negative stereotypes of Planet Fitness. They are more likely to complain to the front the desk about a person being intimidating or in reality being too fit. These are the ones that take Planet Fitness’ “Gym intimidation” commercials too serious. They are also the ones that indulge in the free snacks that Planet Fitness likes to give out. These snacks are typically pieces of candy, doughnuts, bagels and pizza. None of which are the best for staying fit. Another example is either not working out or hardly working out and deciding to participate in the Hydro massage, spray tan, or rest lounge and leaving out with a smile on their

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