Marcel's Total Fitness Case Study

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1. Summarize the type of work you were involved in, interactions you had with work colleagues, etc. My internship at Marcel’s Total Fitness is very perfect, touching all aspects of a well formulated strength and conditioning training program. I chose this Marcel’s Total Fitness and Athletics because it is attracting me, and it is very well structured. I got opportunity to do an internship and I learned a lot the people I worked with the different cultures I interacted with and really opened my mind. I had the opportunity of proving what I could potentially be worth which perhaps it made a challenge but resulted in the biggest learning experience. My preceptor, Marcel’s Aguirre, and his team are amazing to work with and helped me to learn everything…show more content…
This internship is a springboard for my professional future. Indeed, he strengthened me in my choice of professional career, he allowed me to discover a vocation and he give me confidence. I have a solid background in sports, I’ve been an athlete my entire life. I played football, basketball, and handball growing up all the way up through college and now I am a Professional Bodybuilder. I have great skills and can work with many different types of athletes and types of people varying personalities few…show more content…
That mean for me I am starting at the bottom of the ladder. It was important for me is like I had the opportunity to get the internship with Marcel’s Total Fitness and Athletics. I just want to learn and I’m at the beginning journey I understand that, but I just want to learn, and I think the first thing is it’s getting an internship, I do whatever I can and just be make myself available and make a few sacrifices because it’ll benefit in the long term. I’m choosing that is my career path is love the fact that I can work one on one whether it be a high school athlete, a college or professional athlete customize a program just for them and that way I can eventually make them bigger, faster, stronger and prevent injuries along the way as

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