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In the novel Beka Lamb, Zee Edgell uses many techniques to improve her writing while creating a mood and tone. With the usage of these various techniques the author made the novel remarkable to me. The usage of Background Information, Symbolism, Dialogue, Natural Imagery and Foreshadowing. Background information brings many data. We learnt that the hurricane that brought together for the first time unity between all the races. Every one of the races and they achieved repairs and shared sustenance among themselves after the boundless devastation. Another story that draws my attention is the story of the masked man. This story informs us about the racial discrimination in Belize when a handsome man of creole descent 'compromised' a carib…show more content…
An incredible sample of this is when Beka was portraying the condition of her psyche and her unsettled mentality. She portrayed it as having an "a tidal-like wave" and she additionally expressed that she lived in steady strain "between the moving back of the water, and the roughness of it's smashing against the shore. What's more, when it slammed, the sound in her brain was the cackling of pelicans". This exhibited the steady terrify or confuse that her mind was in. Edgell utilizes this technique afresh when the minister was adressing her class and had said "'All the young ladies in this classroom who accept there is a paradise and a damnation please raise your hands'". In Beka's reaction to this we see Edgell's utilization of Imagery as she says "Each young lady in the room raised her hand and Beka sat down. That was the minute Beka first heard the thunder of seawater in her…show more content…
Things that were once disapproved of like adolescent pregnancy, which appeared to be a major issue in the Belizean culture are currently provided food for. There are procurements made for a pregnant youngster by the legislature and by schools to manage the issue instead of being a "stick" to beat these teenagers. In spite of the fact that there are incomprehensible changes and upgrades of society in The Bahamas when contrasted with Belize yet one social sick that keeps on winning is prejudice and racial isolation. In spite of the fact that the issue hasn't been determined there has been a decline in bigotry and racial isolation. Neediness is still seen however it is at least and things aren't as "bruk down" A similarity of the Belizean and Bahamian culture is the rising issue all around the globe adolescent pregnancy. Regular we can see a young woman conveying a child that is her own particular in the Bahamas to day. We are appeared of that in the Belize society when Toycie got pregnant for Emillio. We see the father of the children are not found and leave the female to rise the kid by there

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