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Is an online education just as legitimate as a traditional education? Why or why not? For the last two decades due to rapid technology development, online education became a question that concerns almost everyone. As having a computer and internet access became common thing, one gained an infinite access to information worldwide. However, having information and applying it in a constructive way appeared to be two diametrically opposing issues. So began an era of online learning classes we are witnessing nowadays. Online learning itself is comprised of different kinds. For instance, the class can be held in a blending learning style, which means that some part of the material is delivered in a usual setting – in a class with a person as…show more content…
It is a huge issue in the light of constantly rising up tuition fees in colleges and universities. It not only is hard to afford but because of the swiftly changing technology and economy there is no guarantee your diploma will be worth much in four years or even that your profession still will exist in the world. That is one more advantage of online learning – you can concentrate on the narrow subject you need to master now and do not have to learn the others, which are mandatory at…show more content…
That possibility helps many adults to discover new ways to achieve professional growth in any field or even start from the very beginning if the current state of affairs does not satisfy them for various reasons. It is acute and timely for our century because of computers and machines disrupting economy and jobs as they were. That being said it might seem that online education has only advantages, so why most of the school graduates still apply and go to colleges and universities? The answer is – the legitimacy of online education. Students go to the traditional education institutes to receive not only knowledge and experience but also to get a diploma, which is recognized by employees and can help them to get a good job with a considerable salary. Nevertheless, online education continues to grow and small but consistent steps are being made on the path to legitimizing and getting credit towards college degree. In California a powerful lawmaker, Darrel Steinberg aims to create “statewide system of faculty-approved, online college courses” according to a written statement from Steinberg’s office. Faculty will decide which courses from the variety of existing online will get to the acceptance list. Likely candidates include Coursera, and Coursera, three major MOOCs providers. One more option might be StraighterLine, online course company that offers self-paced courses for a low

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