Classroom Pet Conundrum

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Classroom Pet Conundrum Picture this. You have a child who’s classroom has a pet. Everything is fine. After all, the animal will help teach your child valuable lessons right? Well, those lessons will not matter when the animal winds up dying because they’re not in the right environment. The lessons will not matter when the animal can put a child’s life in danger due to allergies. Pets should not be allowed in the classroom. The pets might be harmed or abused and may cause the children to have an allergic reaction. While others say that pets in the classroom will help teach them valuable lessons, the risks are just too much. For instance, pets should not be allowed in the classroom because children could be allergic to the animal. In…show more content…
In the article “What’s the Problem With Classroom ‘Pets’” by PETA I read, “Class ‘pets’ are highly vulnerable to illness and neglect, as they’re regularly left unmonitored at night and on the weekends. And when animals are left alone-even overnight- things can quickly take a turn for the worse. There have been countless cases of animals who died of heatstroke in classrooms during warm weekends or perished in the cold when the heat was turned off as everyone else went home.” (PETA para. 6)This shows that pets in the classroom can easily be harmed when they’re not properly looked after and taken care of. In the same article the author wrote, “Imagine how distressing it must be for animals to be handled by large numbers of children who may not know the correct way to hold them.” (PETA para. 4) This means that pets may get frightened when they are held by unfamiliar children and harm could easily come to them. In the article “Classroom Critters: To Be or Not To Be” by Rebecca Simmons I read, “As with any pet, educators need to do their research before bringing an animal into the classroom. While certain types of animals can make good classroom pets, many species are ill-suited to living in a school environment.” (Simmons para. 4) This shows that many pets in the classroom are ill-suited for that environment and that they could wind up getting

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