Military Essay: Why Should Joining The Military

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Joining the military will open the opportunity of enrolling in college during or after 4 years of duty, Others join because of job security and financial stability. In the military, they can earn their pay and enjoy all kinds of free incentives like free housing, free food and supplies, free utilities and lots more of benefits like being Able to shop very cheaply at any military commissary (shopping store-grocery) anywhere around the world. The basic pay scale is not huge But considering all the fringe benefits, anyone that’s frugal can save a lot of money. Others would join for the opportunity to travel around the world for free. Some also joins with the motivation to serve the country and they are proud to be a patriot. “In 2011, the army…show more content…
It is to their benefit if veterans And their families will use every program that they can get into to advance their education and obtain degrees of their choice. Through these programs, they will be able to pursue huge economic and financial improvement far better outside the military confines. People who join the military are less likely to go to Than people who do not join the military. When someone joins the military, if the recruit does not drop out, will most likely complete a 4-year tour of duty at which point his only chance of a college education is through online education program or on camp education program. Less than half of the new recruits stayed to finish the 20 year service, however, for those who chose to be inactive after 4 years, very few pursue a university degree for many varying reasons. For some, they would prefer to have a family (if their not married yet), work, and pursue online courses. Others would ignore advance education totally, and yet others in some isolated cases where veterans will find it hard to adapt to a civilian lifestyle at which point they will drift psychologically and emotionally as worst scenario. The smarter and ambitious veterans, though, would take advantage of most educational programs available so that some will have very successful future

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