Importance Of Wireless Technology In Pakistan

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Wireless technology in education system of Pakistan Wireless Education System in Pakistan: Wireless networks are computer networks that does not uses cable/wire but work with wireless data connection between network nodes. Wireless network play an important role in education system of Pakistan. Wireless networking use radio waves instead of wires. For Example: cell phone networks, WLAN, laptop to internet etc are wireless networks. Wireless technology makes our life easy; it is no doubt if we say that it occupying the whole world. We are mostly use smart phone, Wi-Fi, laptops and tablets etc. Wireless education system is rapidly increasing in our country. The continuously growth…show more content…
But unfortunately most of them faced failure due to inappropriate strategies. One such initiative was “Prime Minister Youth Laptop Scheme” by the present Government as a way to overcome the educational challenge. Smart education is not a fantasy in 21st century rather it becomes a reality worldwide. Governments of Pakistan encourage the use of ICT as public development in wireless education system. Government of Pakistan provides the facility of smart class rooms, E-library; E-learning that is mostly use by educated people. Smart class rooms were mostly found in universities but now it also use in some colleges and schools. In Pakistan, there is a gap in urban and rural education system. On the other hand technology become everywhere, therefore we can get the benefit to implement the latest technology. The project offers mobile learning platform and hence fill the gap for rural and urban education…show more content…
3. Time Saving: It is time saving as we don’t go to classrooms but we can take online lectures by sitting everywhere. 4. Flexibility: Student can study online from the internet as when they want. 5. Cost saving: It saves our money as we don’t need to install cables/wire to work with them. Wireless technology is cheaper and easy to use. 6. Transmission speed: The speed of wireless technology is faster than wired devices. 7. Enhancement of interaction: It has the ability to enhance the relationship between student and teacher by making online study groups between teachers and students. In our smart classrooms teachers and students communicate each other and solve the problem. 8. Facilities: It promotes independent learning of students and teachers. It provides the facility to take online test. Through this we can apply for admissions in universities. Students give online feedback about their teachers so that teacher can improve his/her teaching skills. It enhances new learning

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