Cloud Strife And Musashi Analysis

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In the game Final Fantasy VII Tetsuya Nomura used the famous Rivals Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro as a basis for the main pro and antagonists, Cloud Strife and Sephiroth. (elaborate?) Cloud Strife and Miyamoto Musashi Miyamoto Musashi was a famous swordsman in Japanese history and folklore, and an innovator in his craft. Both Cloud and Musashi are portrayed with a dark past, Cloud having lost his memory, leading him to believe he led the life of SOLDIER 2nd class Zack Fair and later a clone of his rival. Musashi, on the other hand is often portrayed as having a tumultuous upbringing. In popular fiction, such as Eiji Yoshikawa's Musashi, Musashi is often shown as having an abusive upbringing. Along with this, in history he was unfortunate enough to have fought on the losing side of the battle of Sekigahara…show more content…
This is often elaborated on in fiction, having him go so far as to become little more than a "wild animal" shunned by his village until he finally regains control of himself. In a sense, this "disappearance" and reversion to his "primal self" can be compared to Cloud as they both lose sight of who they are. Training wise, neither are completely "formally trained". Although Cloud served for a short time as a Shinra Infantryman, he was never accepted into SOLDIER, he gains his experience while working for the radical group AVALANCHE and through pursuing and fighting his rival. Musashi, briefly trained in the art of Jutte by his father early in life, gained experience and developed his sword style by setting and acquiring various rivals throughout his life, such as defeating the entire house of Yoshioka, and gaining Sasaki Kojiro as a rival. In terms of weapons, at first glance, their choice and method of sword and style seem

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