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The number of online classes is increasing and changing the way education is taught, making a significant impact on today’s students. According to Arden Miller and Adene Young Jones’s article, which explores academic integrity in online classes and traditional classes, “Since 2003, online enrollments have grown 358%, and 31% of students now take one course online” (Miller and Jones). This massive increase exposes many more students to the controversial change first hand. People have many different views and opinions on whether this change is positive or negative, resulting in countless studies and discussions. There are many pros and cons to both methods; however, attending class with other students and the teacher is more efficient for a student’s…show more content…
The presence of other students is key because it allows students to gain feedback from the teacher and allows them to consider opinions from their classmates. Also, in­ class discussion makes remembering the material easier for those who are auditory learners. A discussion also teaches students how to work together, which will be a benefit to them when it comes to succeeding in their future work environments. According to the University of Washington, “Traditional classrooms often create a collaborative environment where discussion and dialogue can thrive” (“Exploring the Pros and Cons of Online”). If discussion and dialogue are encouraged, then the students speaking and critical thinking skills will improve, allowing them to perform better in other classes and the workforce. Contrary to this argument, online classes may be more beneficial to specific students. The flexible schedule of an online class can aid students with tight schedules as long as they properly utilize their time. An honest student seeking the full potential of their learning experience would excel in an online class because of the opportunities within the online tools and websites it may hold. Depending on the student, not having the class pressure can be a great relief causing better results in the class. Older students or students who have to work full time to survive financially, benefit significantly from online classes. It gives them the freedom to complete their education in their own time. While this proves to be helpful to those non­traditional students, the majority of students would benefit from more traditional classes. Along with making it easier for students with full work schedules to attend

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