Sherlock Holmes Short Summary

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The Story is written in the perspective of Sherlock’s friend, Dr. Watson. Who is a war medic from the Afghan war. After returning from the war front because of an injured leg, Dr. Watson seeks to find a lodging he can share with someone. He then meets an old friend from college who tells him about another man named Sherlock Holmes, who was also wanting to take up lodgings with someone else. Dr. Watson intrigued by the man wanted to meet him. The old friend warned him that the man was one of peculiar tastes of behavior, but the doctor wanting to room with somebody persited on meeting this Sherlock Holmes. Dr. Watson walked down to the chemistry lab where his friend said Sherlock was. Dr. Watson met Mr. Holmes acquaintance, and they agreed to meet the next day.…show more content…
Sherlock, thinking that the murderer had sent someone else instead of himself, followed her. The old woman went into a cab and started down the street, Holmes jumped on the back of the cab to hitch a ride. When the cab stopped the door opened but there was no one in the cab. Dejected and angry Sherlock Holmes trudged back home to Baker Street. Back home, Holmes told his story to a weary Dr. Watson, ( For it was 12:00) about how the cab opened and there was no one there. The next day Gregson the detective came by the house, he was in an exhilarated mood. He exclaimed that he had caught the murderer, he sat down to explain how. As Gregson explained, Holmes kept a calm face through the whole discussion, obviously something else was on his mind. After Gregson was done he said that they had the man under lock and key Then, detective Lestrade walked in and proclaimed that Stangerson, the man who was Enoch J. Drebber’s secretary, had been murdered. Sherlock leaped up “The case thickens!” he shouted. All of the sudden a street boy came up the stairs to tell Holmes that his cab was ready for

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