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It all started with a glass slipper. “Cinderella” is the most popular fairy tale among people of all ages. Before “Cinderella’s” release the Disney studio was four million in debt, “had the film failed, it would have bankrupted the Disney Company” (Susman). The film cost three million to make and earned over 85 million in addition to three academy award nominations. This movie was literally the definition of rags to riches. It is no surprise that “Cinderella” is still widely loved decades later. Everyone is familiar with the classic fairy tale, but does not see the hidden meanings. Bettelheim discusses several topics that make readers think twice about this traditional Disney tale. Bettelheim made me view “Cinderella” in a totally new and not so…show more content…
“Cinderella” was first written in China during the ninth century A.D. Bettelheim explains that in China “the unrivaled tiny foot size as a mark of extraordinary virtue, distinction, and beauty, and the slipper made of precious material are facets which point to an Eastern, if not necessarily Chinese, origin” (236). Foot binding was a common practice at this time in China. The smaller the foot, the more prestigious the woman. I would have never been exposed to these ideas had I not read The Uses of Enchantment. This explains why Cinderella is seen as more feminine and desirable than her stepsisters who had much larger feet. In Perrault’s version of “Cinderella” one stepsister cuts off her heel and the other cuts off her toes in order to fit in Cinderella’s glass slipper. Bettelheim claims that the bleeding represents menstruation. This aspect is obviously not a traditional part of a children’s fairy tale so hearing this ruined the innocence of the original story. Bettelheim then explains that since Cinderella did not have to bleed in order to fit into the glass slipper, her youth and purity becomes fully
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