Panera Vs Starbucks

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accessories, and teas” (Starbucks Corporation Company Information, 2013). Starbucks is seen as coffee haven and for many coffee drinkers is their number one choice, whereas Panera is seen as a food venue first and a coffee haven last. The offering of a large variety of food items is a positive element of Panera, and one of the reasons why many consumers prefer their venue for business meeting, studying, or even to just get some work done, since they feel they can stay in place for hours at a time with the bonus of unlimited internet access. Starbucks has made notice of this advantage, and spent about $100 million in cash for Bay Bread, the parent company of the La Boulange brand in order to add food items to their menu and offer this convenience to their loyal customers.…show more content…
Starbucks also recognizes the importance of customers and how they truly are the heart and soul of the business, and Starbucks founder Howard Schultz, “when asked what business he's in, he won't say the coffee business. He'd say the experience business" (Kelso, 2013). Starbucks ensures that their employees understand that customer satisfaction is their number one goal and they strive to make the customer’s experience a unique and personalized one by doing something as simple as writing your name on the cup of Joe. High customer volume is also a factor that is essential, especially in the restaurant industry, for establishments to survive and become profitable. The establishment’s image and reputation are also important and these two factors combined will increase brand-recognition, word-of-mouth advertising which is extremely valuable, and of course sales. Both, Panera and Starbucks know the significance of these factors and they have succeeded at exploiting them to their

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