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A story told from generation to generation by different cultures all over the world about a young girl who is treated terrible by her mean step mother and ugly step sisters. Of course you’ve heard of this, Cinderella. There are multiple versions of the Cinderella story all across the world. Many countries change the story to fit their culture. Although they may have their differences, every version is alike in some way. Some more brutal than others, such as in the Vietnam, the step mothers and step sisters end up dying. The Vietnam version may be more violent than the French, but both characters face the same challenges and have fairy godmothers and magical transformations. First of all, in both the Vietnam and French versions of “Cinderella” they have to face similar challenges/ hardships. The work that both characters have to do would have to be the most similar obstacle or challenge to compare of the two tales although they had different chores. In the French story, Cinderella had to “Scour the dishes, tables etc.”(Perrault). While in the Vietnam version, Cinderella had to “rub the floors, cut the wood, feed the animals, do all the cooking, the washing up and many other things” (Tam and Cam).…show more content…
The godmothers are similar, but are also very different. In the Vietnam version, the godmother is more like a goddess figure, while in the French version, she is a fairy godmother, In French,” This godmother of hers, who was a fairy, said to her . . . “(Perrault). In contrast, “Suddenly, a fresh and balmy wind blew, the sky looked purer and the clouds whiter and in front of her stood the smiling blue-robed goddess of mercy . . . “(Tam and Cam). Cinderella’s godmother in the two stories are different but have the same concept. They both help do the same job. Cinderella’s god mothers helped them to live happy, but their magical transformations were a big part of

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